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Remodeling takes time, patience, superior tools and a steady hand.  To become a master in renovations, one needs to have an eye for detail.  Irving’s Top Handyman possesses the professional attributes and quality equipment necessary to complete remodeling projects beyond your satisfaction.  We realize that although the end product is worth it, not having complete access to your home is inconvenient.  For that reason, we work swiftly and try to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Dust during renovations is unavoidable, yet we do our best to minimize its effects.  To view the breadth of our work, schedule a complimentary consultation.  

In our grandparent’s day bathrooms were exclusively functional.  If they were lucky, they had one room dedicated to bathing in which a small tin or aluminum tub sat in the middle of a wooden floor.  If water was scarce, all the children bathed in the same bath water.  Fortunately, things have changed for the better.  We spend hours bathing, primping and relaxing in our bathrooms.  Since we spend more time in the bathroom that our living rooms, why not create a lush oasis?  Irving’s Top Handyman can turn your bathroom into a tropical jungle or a relaxing country lounge complete with a reglazed clawfoot tub.   

If you love to cook and entertain, invest in a beautiful kitchen to complement your personality.  During parties, guests always gravitate toward the kitchen.  This is where the real magic happens.  Open kitchen plans that allow a complete view of the dining, living and outdoor patio areas are en vogue.  It would be our pleasure to make your vision come to life.  Assemble beautiful kitchen images from Pinterest or Better Homes & Gardens.  Our experience in the field makes it possible to recreate any image to perfection.  Or we can show you photos of our previous work.  We have happy clients all over Irving who’d be happy to serve as a reference.  

Replacing old flooring is a great way to upgrade your living space.  There are so many surfaces to choose from; where do we begin?  Start by understanding your tastes and personal preferences.  If we are doing the work in stages for budgetary reasons, think about the end product.  For modern spaces, consider stained concrete.  Traditional homes are deserving of wood grain.  If you have children, laminate wood flooring may be a better option because of its durability characteristics.  Berber carpeting provides a nice foundation for ethnic spaces.  Don’t feel limited to tile in the bathroom and kitchen.  We’d be happy to show you some rubberized flooring options.  We are no stranger when it comes to building decks for your home.  We have some of the best kitchen deck contractors in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  

Wall Treatments
The one enhancement that will quickly and cheaply upgrade your space are wall treatments.  Paint and wallpaper capture the eye immediately upon entering any room.  You can choose to paint one accent wall in each room or paint an entire room, including the ceiling for a hyper monochromatic effect.  Choose from velvet, leather, fur or traditional wallpaper.  After 25 years we have developed an extensive list of suppliers.  It would be our pleasure to bring product samples for your perusal.  Viewing a photograph is one thing but feeling and touching will help you make a more informed decision.