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Welcome to Irving’s Top Handyman where we offer comprehensive handyman services.  From carpentry to remodeling, we got you covered.  If you are seeking a local handyman that you can count on, morning, day and night, you’ve come to the right place.  We offer emergency services for Irving residents and business owners.  It is difficult to predict when disaster will strike and no one really plans for emergencies.  

For this reason we have a handyman on call during non traditional business hours.  If you’re seeking handyman rental we make it possible to schedule with us by the hour, day or project.  This flexible payment method makes our services affordable for everyone.   

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About Us
Hire a handyman that is licensed, bonded and insured within the state of Texas.  You don’t want to play around with your electricity.  Improperly installed wiring can cause fires within your walls that can quickly spread to the rest of your home.  Keep your family safe by hiring a handyman that has studied and passed several state issued exams.  You want someone who has spent years in the field, learning and perfecting best practices.  You don’t want some fly by night individual standing in the parking lot at Home Depot purporting that he does good electrical work.  You want someone that can help you pass an inspection if necessary.  

Our Handyman Services

Our local handyman services include repairs, remodeling, carpentry, maintenance, painting and installations.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Our breadth of services extends to roofing, tiling, fencing, electrical and plumbing.  If you are seeking an electrical handyman, look no further.  It would be our pleasure to install new lighting fixtures for your home or office.  Brighten up your space and create more ambiance.  If you are seeking to transform your restaurant’s dining area, but are on a tight budget, allow us to show you a catalogue of fixtures.  We will purchase them at wholesale pricing and within a few hours, your restaurant is transformed from a fast food aesthetic to casual upscale dining.  

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Repairs Remodeling Maintenance

Find a handyman that has more on his mind than getting paid.  We’ve all had horrible customer service experiences where a service provider did a decent job but was not courteous, did not have the patience to listen and didn’t bother to ask if you had any questions.  All they were concerned with was collecting their fee and moving onto the next client.  This behavior is the antithesis to what Irving’s Top Handyman offers.  

Renovating your home can be exciting.  It requires patience, but the end result is always worth it.  Allow Irving’s Top Handyman to turn your bathroom into a victorian oasis.  We can install vintage, ceramic black and white tile, a stamped tin ceiling, a reglazed clawfoot bathtub and plenty of shelving and cabinets to store all of your toiletries.  Give us the opportunity and we can also transform your kitchen.  No remodeling job is complete without a proper cleanup.  We offer post cleanup as part of our services.    

Most Americans have acquired a plethora of creature comforts that require regular maintenance.  We live in a globalized society that makes it easy to replace certain items.  Our handy man services makes it economical to maintenance your appliances and infrastructure without having to spend copious amounts of money on replacements.  Keep in mind that new is not always better.  Sometimes, it’s cheaper to keep her.  Contact us today to get a complete price listing of our maintenance rates. 


Painting Carpentry Installation

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